Thet Bridge to Barnham

Thetford Bridge to Barnham

We are currently constructing an OO gauge layout at "Bressingham Steam Museum" depicting part of the now disused Thetford to Bury St.Edmunds line.

Although the line was only single track, some of the bridges were built to accommodate a future expansion to double track that never materialised. The model, however, does include the second track t o facilitate more interesting operation. (We're sure that the purists will forgive us). 

Also, other details changed during thelifetime of the line,and we have chosen to include certain details that were not necessarily in existence simultaneously. The model will, hopefully, be running by April 2011, but scenery and buildings will be added subsequently.

Progress Report

The baseboards and screens take shape. 

Screens await a final coat of paint.

So far so good.

Track laying begins.

Mark prepares the trackbed. 

John has glazed the screens and Gerry has installed the lights.

The job's got Neil on his knees.

Peter's got a boring task.

Track laying nears completion.


Scenery and structure installation underway. 

Static grass application started.


Artists impression of finished layout