The Creek Grone and Rattleswick

 General view of the Creek station area expecting the 16.45 from Grone. The tramp awaits an opportunity...

Courtesy of Mick King

Courtesy of Mick King

Courtesy of Mick King

At last!  0-6-0T pannier tank no.5 hauls the 16.45 into Creek station whilst the station master checks his watch.

 General veiw of Millsend Wharf and Carters Row.

Whoops!  The lightermen have dropped an oil drum into the water

and the railway staff wonder what to do.

 General veiw of the sheds and coal yard.

 Fletcher Jennings 0-4-2 +T  No.2 takes on coal for the last train back to Rattleswick.

The River Dribble and theDribblehead Viaduct

Sorry 'bout the camera shake!